Government Enforcement, White Collar & Criminal

The importance of investigations and crisis management in criminal and regulatory matters.

Our approach to criminal and regulatory matters has as much to do with the alleged wrongdoing as it has to do with who the client is and the potential for direct and collateral consequences. For this reason, our government enforcement, white collar and criminal practice incorporates our investigations, crisis management and reputation practices.

How we Work

To us, every government investigation, white collar or criminal case is a priority. While other firms might be waiting for instructions from the government or the exchange of reciprocal discovery, we proactively open a dialogue with the government and open our own comprehensive investigation. And, although the statistics tell us most corporate, white collar and traditional criminal cases do not proceed to trial, like the former prosecutors we are, we approach every case from the start as if it will be a trial. Just as importantly, that meticulous attention to detail and level of preparation allows for more open and productive discussions with prosecutors, often enabling a diplomatic solution.


Our government enforcement, white collar and criminal experience includes the representation of clients under investigation, arrested or formally charged. We have also represented clients previously represented by other firms and who, following a plea or trial, have since been convicted. Our experience also includes the representation of witnesses in investigations as well as representation of victims in cases where we have conducted investigations and presented cases to prosecutors to be filed against the defendants. Substantively, our cases have involved white collar and corporate crime, fraud and money laundering, cybercrime, violent crime, OFAC sanctions violations and forfeiture. To be certain, however, it is the client and not the crime which is most determinative of the cases in which we become involved.

Representative Matters

Represented a company under investigation for violating North Korea sanctions.

Represented the U.S. agency of a foreign bank in a dispute with federal agents and Justice Department prosecutors.

Represented a government official under investigation.

Represented a politician under investigation.

Represented an international businessman under investigation for money laundering.

Represented an international businesswoman arrested and formally charged with grand theft.

Represented a broker dealer formally charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

Represented an international student arrested and formally charged and facing life in prison.

Represented an international student arrested and facing 30 years in prison.

Represented a foreign national charged criminally and civilly with planting a hoax bomb and making a false bomb threat.

Represented a foreign national who had previously represented by other counsel from another law firm and had been convicted and was now ordered removed by an immigration court.

Represented the chairman of a public company.

Represented a managing director of a global consulting firm.

Represented a health care professional facing disciplinary sanctions, to include possible revocation of her credentials.

Represented the former president of a country’s football association in the FIFA investigation.

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