Law Enforcement and Interior Security Agencies

Law enforcement and interior security agencies around the world do not face the same issues. In the Middle East, countries are developing state-of-the-art agencies to combat terrorism. In other parts of the world, transnational organized crime is a priority. In the U.S., police are seeking new ways to improve community relations, reduce gun violence and protect the homeland.

Many Wolf Global professionals not only began their careers in law enforcement or intelligence, they created new units and developed new techniques to deal with priority issues. Today, through Wolf Global, those professionals are able to assist law enforcement and interior security agencies as advisors, consultants and independent monitors; conduct independent internal affairs investigations; train officers and agents; and consult on high priority initiatives, operations, investigations and prosecutions.

Capabilities and Resources

Law enforcement training.

Law enforcement consulting.

Self-imposed independent monitorship.

Court ordered independent monitorship.

Agency and unit audits.

Independent review of police involved shootings.

Independent review of internal affairs cases.

Internal affairs consulting.

Reactive and proactive internal affairs investigations.

Integrity testing and integrity monitoring.

Liaison with stakeholders.

Agency image consulting.

Crisis management.

Response to and management of international incidents.



Post 9/11, agencies needed to increase their counterterrorism capabilities. Professionals who are now associated with Wolf Global developed new techniques and have trained tens of thousands of law enforcement officers on their use.

Gun Violence

An urban area had experienced a dramatic increase in violent crime. Professionals who are now associated with Wolf Global developed a comprehensive program, coordinating existing police and prosecution resources, to make the practice of law enforcement more efficient and more effective.

Gangs and Organized Crime

A think tank needed training materials that could be used by its instructors to teach law enforcement officers nationwide the legal issues and concerns associated with gang cases. Professionals who are now associated with Wolf Global developed a new training manual, teaching materials and train the trainers materials.

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