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Wolf Global is seeking experienced investigative due diligence consultants.

Candidates must have demonstrable experience conducting investigative research using open source information, public records and restricted databases, as well as drafting investigative due diligence reports.

Consultants will work on investigative due diligence engagements in support of mergers and acquisitions, private equity, hedge fund and venture capital investments, in the U.S and worldwide.

Investigative research experience and exceptional writing skills are required. This is not an entry level position.

Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter via e-mail to


Wolf Global uses investigations to resolve cases and crises.

Wolf Global is seeking an experienced associate to work in the firm’s investigations and disputes practice.

The associate will immediately begin working on complex investigations, building cases for civil litigation or, potentially, criminal prosecution. This will involve conducting investigative research to gather information from open sources, public records, news media, court records, confidential sources and restricted databases. In most engagements, this will involve the collection of information from several jurisdictions. The associate will then analyze the evidence to determine whether a case can be built and, if so, how. The associate would then be responsible for building that case and either preparing or consulting on the preparation of a complaint, producing a dossier, or producing a prosecution briefing, depending on the engagement.


Candidates must have prior investigations or investigative due diligence experience to be considered.

Preference will be given to attorneys or investigators with experience building organized crime, RICO or white collar cases.

Exceptional investigative research, analytical and writing skills are required.

Candidates must be able to pass a complete background investigation.

Preference will be given to candidates with a book of business.

Qualified candidates may submit a resume and cover letter via e-mail to


Wolf Global is always interested in resumes from lateral attorneys, investigators, experts and consultants who share our commitment to solving problems. We are not an army of lawyers. We are consultants. We do not handle cases. We solve problems. Our clients are around the world and our work is around the world. We occasionally work in unfamiliar jurisdictions, often with local counterparts, and always in the best interests of the client. We are meticulously attentive to detail and we approach each engagement as if there is no margin for error. If you believe you can bring value to our clients, or if you believe that by joining a firm like ours you might be able to do more for your existing clients, then let’s start a conversation. We welcome hearing from you, at

Financial Investigator

Wolf Global is seeking an experienced financial investigator to work with the firm’s investigations and disputes practice. Wolf Global’s financial investigations are often complex and require investigators to be able to begin with a limited data set, obtained from documents or witness statements, and from that limited data set develop relevant, admissible evidence proving the sources of funds, the destination to which funds were sent, and whether fraud, corruption, or money laundering was involved. This role combines forensic accounting skills with investigative skills. This is a contract position with potential for full time placement in the firm.

Qualified candidates may submit a resume and cover letter via e-mail to

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