Private Clients and Family Offices

Wolf Global was created to meet the needs of clients for whom there is very little margin for error and for whom discretion is extremely important; clients who are constantly in motion and who value in-person meetings and on the ground attention to detail. We work closely with our private clients, their family offices, private bankers, attorneys and other advisors, to identify and mitigate legal, commercial, political and reputational risks and to discreetly, legally and ethically respond to and manage crises. If you have a problem, anywhere in the world, call us. We will fly in and we will figure out a solution.


Capabilities and Resources

  • Response to & Management of International Incidents
  • Banking relations
  • Response to Investigations, Arrests & Prosecutions in Foreign Jurisdictions & Related Litigation Consulting
  • Independent self due diligence
  • Worldwide reputation management
  • Reputational Crises
  • Government Liaison
  • Worldwide legal services coordination and management
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