International Advisory

Our international advisory practice brings together all of our perspective, experience and understanding to help internationally involved clients solve problems, manage crises, mitigate risks and seize opportunities. Our experience includes:

  • Providing business intelligence and business diplomacy to clients entering new markets.
  • Advising clients’ in-house and local counsel on international business transactions.
  • Providing consulting on multilateral treaties, international regulations and international sanctions.
  • Developing strategic communications plans that allow clients to honestly, transparently and effectively communicate, while navigating legal, commercial, geopolitical and reputational risks.

Government Liaison

It’s a matter of protocol. There is a right way and a wrong way to communicate with and between governments. Working with clients and their counsel, we have experience interacting with embassies, consulates, agencies and ministries.

International Banking

Navigating the compliance requirements associated with high and ultra high net worth private banking accounts is a delicate process. Those terms, high and ultra high net worth, are not marketing terms; they are industry terms that have important meaning within the financial services sector and carry an array responsibilities. Because we understand the enhanced due diligence requirements of global banks, and because we understand the importance of discretion to private clients, we have been able to successfully help private clients compile, produce and present the materials needed to open and maintain healthy private banking relationships.


Our clients are engaged in international business and personal affairs around the world. We work with our clients and their counsel to proactively mitigate and manage legal, commercial, geopolitical and reputational risks and crises, and to ensure that what is happening in one part of the world does not negatively impact the client’s business or personal affairs in another part of the world.

International Business Diplomacy

With our international experience, network of contacts and understanding of international business, we can work with you and your counsel to help you enter new markets, connect with the right business partners, meet with officials, and steer clear of legal, commercial, geopolitical and reputational problems.

Private Client Services

The needs of private clients are different than those of public corporations, even if both are internationally involved. We work closely and proactively with private clients, their family offices and private companies. For more information about our private client services, please contact the firm directly.


Multilateral, Cross-Border Transaction Advisory

Our client was contemplating the acquisition of a company in one country, exclusivity agreements in a second country, and a significant agreement with a company in a third country. To mitigate near and long term risks and to help our client achieve its business objectives, we worked with our client’s counsel to structure a multilateral transaction involving four main agreements, each of which was conditioned on the others, and nine agreements in total.

Dispute Advisory

A private international company had been sued in a high exposure case and, after several years of litigation, we were brought in to help review the matter with counsel as independent consultants in order to help determine whether the case should be settled or tried. As a result of that review, the client was able to make critical decisions moving forward.

Immigration Issue Resolved for the CEO of a Foreign Firm

The CEO of a foreign firm was having difficulty obtaining a U.S. visa. We obtained information that the individual was able to then provide to consular officials deciding on the individual’s visa application and, as a result, the individual was able to obtain a visa.

Business Diplomacy

A client from the Middle East sought to bring a product manufactured by a U.S. company and used in the oil and gas exploration and mining industry to an oil producing country in the MENA Region. We opened discussions with the U.S. company on behalf of our client.

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