Correct the record. Control the narrative.

Your reputation and the reputation of your company directly affect your ability to conduct mergers and acquisitions, attract investors, make investments, obtain financing, open and maintain banking relationships, sit on boards of public and private companies, and hold leadership positions in supernational organizations. 

Reputation management is not about whitewashing negative information, public relations campaigns, PR spin, or the use of search engine optimization to “drive down negative information.”  Reputation is a legal matter, and the use of the wrong reputation management techniques can carry serious legal and reputational consequences.



We are investigators, we are former prosecutors, we are crisis managers. We cannot change the truth, but we can find the truth, we can get to the truth, and we can prove the truth. In our experience, it is not uncommon for negative information about a client to be inaccurate or incomplete. In those cases, we help clients correct the record.


When our assessment of a client identifies areas for improvement or change, we assist the client with the necessary remediation. We might recommend a corporate compliance program to prevent violations of economic sanctions or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We might recommend changes to hiring practices or a company’s code of conduct. We might even recommend changes to personal conduct to avoid honey traps, Kompromat or what we call layaway plans.


Your reputation is not what you say about yourself. It is what others say, and believe, about you. We are not proponents of reputation management plans based on irrelevant “Internet properties” intended merely to “drive down negative information.” Instead, we help you get to the truth and we help you implement a strategic communications plan so that the truth is perpetuated going forward. Stated differently, we want to help you correct the record and control the narrative.

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