Risk Mitigation and Crisis Avoidance

Bespoke solutions to mitigate the risk and avoid the crisis.

We do not conduct “check-the-box” due diligence investigations, and we do not provide copy-and-paste reports.

Instead, we examine a client’s unique situation, assess the specific risks involved, and then gather, analyze and report intelligence information that will help mitigate those risks and avoid a crisis.


Knowing the right questions to ask, and understanding how the answers affect risk, is how we help.

  • Does a company or individual actually exist?
  • Are company officials Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)?
  • Is there sanctions exposure.
  • Is there a trail of litigation?
  • Is there a trail of bankruptcies?
  • Is there a history of fraud?
  • Are there allegations of corruption?
  • Will these people honor their debts?
  • Will they steal your money?
  • Will doing business with them damage your reputation?

We provide companies with the intelligence they need to mitigate risk, thereby reducing the threat of legal, commercial, geopolitical or reputational harm, and allowing the company to focus on its business.


We help companies avoid costly sanctions violations by developing and implementing risk-based sanctions compliance programs specific to their business, industry, region and customers, training their staff on U.S. and U.N sanctions and compliance, and conducting auditing and stress testing to ensure the program’s ongoing effectiveness.


Enhanced due diligence investigations often require information beyond the reach of traditional compliance databases or the resources available to compliance departments. We conduct enhanced due diligence investigations internationally to help banks and financial institutions decide whether to onboard or maintain relationships with high risk customers.


Today, geopolitics and international sanctions affect private and commercial activities more than they have in the past. We help clients to safely, legally and ethically navigate the risks associated with global business.


Today more than ever companies and financial institutions are concerned about reputational risk, but obtaining accurate, reliable information can be difficult, especially when operating globally. The information needed is not necessarily available online and what is online might be incomplete or without proof. We provide clients with information and intelligence they need to assess reputational risk and avoid reputational harm.


Today, new emphasis is being placed not only on the briber, but the bribee. We help clients identify areas of concern and remediate bribery and corruption problems that could lead to liability.




Provided business intelligence and reputational due diligence to a U.S. company that wanted to evaluate FCPA and reputational risks prior to a joint venture with a Middle East partner.

Conducted enhanced due diligence investigations in Latin America for a bank developing new relationships with international private clients.

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