Crisis Response and Crisis Management

Rapid response and international dexterity in complex, often unequalled, situations.

In a crisis, time is always a factor.

Our crisis practice has always been based on our ability to rapidly respond practically anywhere in the world, our ability to quickly investigate to determine what actually happened, and our experience guiding clients and their counsel through situations involving significant legal, commercial, political, geopolitical, and reputational consequences.

Our crisis experience includes:

  • The prevention of international and political incidents.
  • Consular emergencies.
  • Responses to investigations, arrests and prosecutions, particularly involving international issues.
  • Situations requiring liaison with government agencies and officials.
  • Strategies to avoid or minimize the need for government intervention or court oversight.
  • Resolution of issues between VIPs and governments.
  • Extortion.
  • Missing persons.
  • Reputational crises.


Response to allegations affecting certain international efforts.

Response to the investigation of a public figure.

Response to the arrest of a VIP.

Response to the money laundering investigation of an international businessman.

Response to the arrest and formal charges against an international businesswoman.

Responses to the arrests of an international students.

Responses to formal charges filed against an international students.

Response to a dispute between a non-U.S. bank and the U.S. Government over the bank’s failure to respond properly to subpoenas and inquiries from federal agents and Justice Department prosecutors.

Response to the regulatory inquiry of a licensed professional who faced disciplinary sanctions, to include the possibility of losing credentials.

Response to a missing persons case involving an individual, halfway around the world from his family, who had been missing for more than a week.

Recovery of children abducted by a parent and removed from their country and, through their embassy, reunification with the parent from whom they had been taken.

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