Crisis Response and Crisis Management

Rapid response and international dexterity in complex, often unprecedented, situations and crises.

The difference between a case and a crisis is the potential for collateral consequences. Those consequences can be legal, commercial, financial, geopolitical, or reputational. They can affect a company’s share price, ability to access the financial system, or ability to conduct international business. On a personal level, those consequences can affect your ability to hold office, sit on boards of companies or supranational organizations, or open and maintain bank accounts.  Crises will affect your money, your freedom, and your reputation.

When we talk about crisis management, we do so with the clarity and decisiveness that comes from more than two decades of government and private sector experience. Crisis management is literally what we do.

We can work independently or with your lawyers. We can work with your executive team, your board, your public relations team, or your other advisors.

The value proposition is simply this:  If you have a problem, practically anywhere in the world, we will fly in and we will figure it out.

Our crisis experience includes:

  • International and political incidents.
  • Government enforcement, white collar and criminal matters in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Situations requiring liaison with law enforcement or government agencies and officials.
  • Strategies to avoid or minimize the need for government intervention, court oversight, or monitorship.
  • Diplomatic incidents and consular emergencies.
  • Extortion.
  • Missing or abducted persons.
  • Reputational crisis management.
  • Corporate crises, internal investigations, and crisis communications consulting.


Response to allegations affecting certain international efforts.

Response to sanctions violations.

Response to the investigation of a public figure.

Response to the arrest of a VIP.

Response to the money laundering investigation of an international businessman.

Response to the arrest and formal charges against an international businesswoman.

Response to the arrest of an international student.

Responses to formal charges filed against an international student.

Response to a dispute between a non-U.S. bank and the U.S. Government.

Response to the regulatory inquiry of a licensed professional who faced disciplinary sanctions, to include the possibility of losing credentials.

Response to a missing persons case involving an individual who had been living halfway around the world from his family.

Response to an international parental abduction.

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