Private Client

From the beginning, Wolf Global was created to meet the needs of clients who are constantly in motion. Clients who are in Dubai one day, London the next day, and New York the day after that. We work closely with private clients, family offices, private bankers, and other advisors, who rely on us to identify and mitigate risks, and to quietly, legally, and ethically respond to, manage, and resolve crises.





We are able to respond to and manage incidents affecting you, your family or your business, legally, commercially, geopolitically, or reputationally. In the past, we have responded to investigations, arrests and prosecutions in foreign jurisdictions, in addition to missing persons cases, international parental abductions and private family matters.


Politically exposed persons present unique risks to banks. High net worth individuals are also occasionally perceived as higher risk customers. To manage these risks, banks conduct enhanced due diligence. With respect to politically exposed persons, in particular, banks will be required to investigate the customer’s source of wealth and source of funds. They will also look at any history of criminal investigations, criminal or civil litigation, or any negative media. The bank will be concerned with evidence or indicia of bribery, corruption, kleptocracy or money laundering. Often, the information that would answer the bank’s questions or resolve the bank’s concerns lies beyond the reach of the bank’s compliance department.

We help clients anticipate and respond to compliance questions from banks. We conduct independent self due diligence investigations in order to provide information and evidence of which compliance departments might not previously have been aware or to which they might not previously have had access. Moreover, when requested, we have met with bank representatives to brief them on the evidence.


Reputation matters. We conduct independent self due diligence investigations and produce privileged and confidential dossiers that help clients prepare for and facilitate third party due diligence, identify areas for improvement or change, and develop of strategic communications or worldwide reputation management plans.


Sometimes, discretion is as important as the investigation itself. We work closely with clients, conducting legal, ethical, confidential and, in many cases, privileged investigations.

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