Corporate Investigations and Intelligence


Wolf Global combines litigation and trial experience with the capabilities and resources of a global investigations and intelligence firm.


Litigation and Arbitration Consulting



Wolf Global provides litigation and arbitration support to attorneys and general counsel who believe there is no substitute for preparation and who become obsessed during trial preparation. We help clients:

  • Develop an investigative strategy unique to the case.
  • Evaluate evidence.
  • Conduct investigative research.
  • Identify, locate and interview new witnesses.
  • Discover new evidence beyond the scope of discovery.
  • Quickly investigate new issues that arise during trial.

Corporate Investigations



Wolf Global helps clients determine where and how fraud, theft or embezzlement occurred, who is responsible, and how to prove it.


Wolf Global helps clients and their counsel identify and remediate bribery and corruption problems that could lead to exposure under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or UK Bribery Act.

Wolf Global also helps white collar attorneys extend their reach, by helping them obtain and review evidence, identify, locate and interview witnesses, and troubleshoot the difficulties associated with conducting global investigations.


In cases of government officials under investigation or formally charged, Wolf Global can help counsel find the best possible resolution.

And, in the case of sovereigns victimized by corrupt government officials, Wolf Global can help countries conduct their own investigations, interact with law enforcement and prosecution authorities of other countries, and trace and recover stolen assets.


In certain situations, discretion is as important as the investigation itself. Wolf Global was created to meet the needs of clients who place a premium privacy. We work closely with those clients and their counsel, conducting professional, ethical, confidential, discreet investigations.





Wolf Global works closely with clients to make sure the intelligence product being provided is the intelligence product they need to evaluate M&A targets or investigate prospective partners and investors. We help clients mitigate the risks associated with international business by answering the questions that need to be answered.

  • Does a company or individual actually exist?
  • Are company officials Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)?
  • Is there sanctions exposure?
  • Is there a trail of litigation?
  • Is there a trail of bankruptcies?
  • Is there a history of fraud?
  • Are there allegations of corruption?
  • Will these people honor their debts?
  • Will they steal your money?
  • Will doing business with them harm your reputation?


Wolf Global understands the legal, commercial and geopolitical significance of reputational risk. We conduct global investigations to help clients avoid reputational harm.


Wolf Global conducts independent self due diligence investigations, helping clients facilitate due diligence by banks and commercial partners; identify areas for improvement or change; and develop global strategic communications plans.




Litigation intelligence investigations and surveillance operations in support of a company involved in several cases simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions.

Corporate investigation of allegations made against a company employee in a sensitive position.

Corporate investigation of ex-employees suspected of stealing trade secrets from an international company.

Corporate investigation of extortionist threats sent to a company’s CEO and liaison with law enforcement and prosecutors who made an arrest and filed formal charges.

Investigation into why a luxury car shipped from the United States never arrived in Saudi Arabia, then presented our investigation to prosecutors who, with their investigators, made an arrest and filed formal charges.

Corporate intelligence and political risk investigation for a client interested in establishing business relationships in the Middle East in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Investigative due diligence for a client interested in a joint venture in Russia.

Due diligence investigation of German private bank.

Due diligence investigation of a Swiss private banker.

Due diligence investigation of a multinational company and its leadership, gathering and analyzing intelligence from eight countries, in order to minimize Russia-related sanctions and geopolitical risk.

Self due diligence investigation of a multinational company and its leadership, involving issues in more than ten countries.

Investigation into rumored links between a political figure and white collar crime.

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