Wolf Global Announces Launch of New International Advisory

May 20, 2017 | Jarrett Wolf

MIAMI (May 23, 2017) – Former prosecutor and DEA agent Jarrett Wolf today announced the creation of Wolf Global, an international advisory and consulting firm focused on helping lawyers, bankers, senior executives, senior diplomats and private clients and their family offices navigate legal, commercial, political and reputational crises and risks.

Wolf Global combines the experience of professionals who have previously litigated and tried cases to verdict; led government priority investigations; prevented international incidents; responded to investigations, arrests and prosecutions; advised embassies on consular emergencies; and advised private clients internationally on matters affecting their lives, wealth and reputations.

“We’ve been able to make a difference for clients by responding quickly and discreetly to serious and often sensitive matters,” said Jarrett Wolf, president of Wolf Global. “I describe it as being called into bad situations and being asked to change the outcome. What’s equally important to note, however, is that based on our experience, we’ve often been able to proactively help clients avoid those bad situations in the first place.”

The firm is organized into four complementary practice areas:

  • International Advisory – The firm’s international advisory practice helps internationally involved clients solve problems, manage crises, mitigate risks and seize opportunities. Through this practice area, the firm provides business intelligence and business diplomacy to clients entering new markets; works with clients’ in-house and local counsel to structure multinational business agreements; and provides consulting on international sanctions and banking regulations.
  • Investigations and Intelligence – Through its investigations and intelligence practice, the firm conducts independent investigations, litigation intelligence and international due diligence, ethically and confidentially, enabling clients to mitigate risks, gain an advantage in litigation and avoid reputational harm.
  • Crisis Management – The firm’s crisis management services include the response to and prevention of international incidents; strategies to avoid or minimize the need for government intervention or court oversight; assisting with consular emergencies and other sensitive matters.
  • Risk Mitigation – The firm’s risk mitigation practice helps clients and their counsel navigate risks involving anti-money laundering regulations, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act, as well as geopolitical and reputational risks.

Wolf, who began his career as a prosecutor, litigating and trying cases, was later recruited by the DEA as a Special Agent and spent the next several years investigating international drug trafficking and money laundering organizations.

“When you go from being a prosecutor to being an agent, instinctively, you start putting together cases in real time,” said Wolf. “You think in terms of proof. You know how the rules of evidence and the jury instructions will be applied. You anticipate how a judge or a jury will react.”

In 2006, Wolf left the DEA to join Ferrell Law as a litigation partner and developed a crisis management practice focused on responding to and handling cases at the request of embassies and consulates. In 2009, he created Wolf, P.A. to continue working with embassies and consulates, as well as private clients, and Group One Consulting to work with law firms, banks and corporate clients taking a new look at money laundering, corruption and fraud. Wolf Global combines the non-legal crisis management and international advisory of Wolf, P.A. with the investigations, intelligence and risk mitigation of Group One.

About Wolf Global

Wolf Global, Inc. is an international advisory firm focused on delivering results in sensitive, discreet and complex matters affecting the lives, wealth and reputations of its clientele. Certain investigations are conducted by Wolf Global Consulting, Inc., a licensed private investigative agency, licensed by the New York State Department of State, license number 11000194412; and licensed by the State of Florida, license number A1400279.

For more information, please visit wolfglobal.com or call 1-305-377-8006.

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